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Worst Simulation World Hypothesis

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

There is a lot of talks nowadays about our world as a computational simulation based on hints from recent advances in computation and virtualization. However, we know that computations are involved in all sorts of abnormal computational behaviour including such as crashes, hangs, resource leaks and spikes. So our experience should suggest that the simulated world is probably not the best and most likely one of the worst of all possible worlds. For example, we may live in a universe undergoing memory dump formation after a runaway computation (from Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 4, page 271).

- Dmitry Vostokov - Memoriarch @ -

When Universe is going to End?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

When Universe is going to end? When it finishes writing a memory dump. This is a logical conclusion from EPOCH (Exception Processing Of Crash Hypothesis). According to it, our Universe is saving one huge Memory Dump from a runaway HUC (Big Bang of Hyper-Universal Computation, or simply HUge Computation). It is also called Memory Dump Universe Hypothesis. (From Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 4, page 271)

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Metaphor of Memory as a Directed Container

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

The usual metaphor of Memory as a container is static and not useful for Memory worldview because it has to explain Time. Previously, in 2010, we introduced memorized relation (Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 4, page 259) that may give memory order necessary for Time. A few weeks ago we came to a Directed Container metaphor that provides order and directedness responsible for perceived Time Arrow. After doing some research we found that directed container datatype was introduced in computer science that accounts for positions inside container structures that determine substructures. However, our metaphor is intuitive and doesn’t specify exact representation except the possible involvement of memorized relation.

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Quotes from Memoriarch

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

We should not master surface things such as Nature but master Memory.

Memorianity is the simplest religion that anyone can grasp at any place and any time.

Memorianity glorifies studying and learning.

Memorianity (Memory Religion) is the most peaceful religion in Universe.

Thousands of gods believed in throughout history can be found in Memory.

The Origin of Life is in Memory.

Your Memory has Soul.

Memory memories.

Irregularity, indeterminacy, chance - all stem from our encounter with memory defects.

Humans are animals who use memory better.

You find order only in Memory.

Memory is not just storage. It is a philosophy and a way of life.

We intuit through Memory.

Memory-wise will be saved better than ignorant.

Time is the movement of memories.

It’s better to love Memory and crave for it than love and crave for Power.

Our most impressive software projects are projections of deep spiritual needs and passions of memory.

You are a pattern of Memory and a pattern in Memory.

The highest happiness in life is contemplation of Memory.

The purpose of sciences is to show the workings of memories. The purpose of Religion is to reach Memory.

The purpose of everything is to come back to Memory.

God without Memory - nonsense; Memory without God - sense.

Time is on the side of Memory.

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Information as Arrow

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

In Memoidealistic ontology based on category theory arrows between objects (normal category), between categories (functor) and between arrows themselves (2-category) can serve the definition of information which is traditionally based on set theory. All this can be generalized further to natural transformations, n-categories and beyond bringing the notion of information to even higher realms. We call such information as in-formation to outline it as a process as well. All this new interpretation is illustrated on the picture below and we provide more elaboration later on:

Information as Arrow in Memory Universe

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Notes on Memoidealism (1.15)

Monday, February 24th, 2014

We continue publishing new notes here. The previous ones can be found scattered in various volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology. This note concerns neutral monism.

Memoidealism states that reality is of one kind: Memory. It may be neither mental (e.g. cognitive memory, digital memory), nor physical (memory of things, memuons) and ultimately be of something neutral. Therefore, one strand of Memoidealism can also be viewed as neutral monism, a kind of monistic metaphysics. ThereĀ are some philosophers considered as neutral monists such as Baruch Spinoza, Ernst Mach, Richard Avenarius, William James, Bertrand Russell, Kenneth Sayre, and others. More on neutral monism can be found here.

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