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Philosophies of The Persistence

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Memoidealism, as a philosophical foundation of Memory Religion, is a philosophy of The Persistence because it considers Memory as the primitive, primordial and basic element of everything. There are different versions of Memoidealism, for example, one considers Memory not only as an attribute (traditional thinking) but also as an attribute of itself. Another reductionist version views it as infinite (or an immense) number of memory particles, “memuons” which can be put in to a “memorized” relation. So all these can be separate different philosophies of The Persistence and any new might come any time. What is the relationship of these new philosophies to old ones? We consider the first philosophies around the 5th century BCE such as Pre-Socratic as philosophies of The Beginning and adopt the traditional view of philosophies of the 20th century such as Heidegger’s and Rozenzweig’s as philosophies of The End. The 21st century will witness the new philosophies of The Persistence mainly due to the proliferation of Software (as a model of Memory) and Memoidealism flavours are among them. Here’s a diagram that depicts this unfolding in Time:

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