Notes on Memoidealism (1.15)

We continue publishing new notes here. The previous ones can be found scattered in various volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology. This note concerns neutral monism.

Memoidealism states that reality is of one kind: Memory. It may be neither mental (e.g. cognitive memory, digital memory), nor physical (memory of things, memuons) and ultimately be of something neutral. Therefore, one strand of Memoidealism can also be viewed as neutral monism, a kind of monistic metaphysics. ThereĀ are some philosophers considered as neutral monists such as Baruch Spinoza, Ernst Mach, Richard Avenarius, William James, Bertrand Russell, Kenneth Sayre, and others. More on neutral monism can be found here.

- Dmitry Vostokov - Memoriarch @ -

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